Bringing Your New Havanese Puppy Home

Are you buying a Havanese puppy to bring into your home as a member of the family as well as grooming your puppy to be your next “show dog?” No matter what the reason is, bringing home your new puppy is truly a great moment. Just like how parents prepare themselves and their home to welcome a new child into their family, there is a lot of ground that you need to cover before the big day.

Coming home for the first time with you can be a stressful time for your pup and you should do all that is possible to calm him. After all it is the first time that the pup will be in a strange environment far away from his mother and littermates. So prepare yourself in advance for the arrival of the puppy. Make your house as well as your yard a safe place for this new addition. Also discuss with the other members of the family on the basic rules and how to care for the puppy.

Be sure to stock up on the right Havanese dog supplies and dog show products if you are planning to show your dog in AKC Dog Shows. Do talk to the Havanese puppy breeder from whom you have purchased the pup to understand what he has been fed, feeding time, play time, exercise time and more. If you wish to make any changes to his daily routine, be sure to take it slow and do it over a period of two weeks.

The journey from the breeder’s place to your home is very important. The puppy can either ride in the back seat or in your arm if you do not have to take the wheel or in a carrier. Plan to bring the puppy home when you have a long weekend or a scheduled vacation. This way, your pup gets to spend time with you and gets accustomed to being around you.

Start house training your pup as soon as you get him home. Havanese puppies are able to quickly establish toilet habits so be sure to do it the right way and avoid even a single mistake as this can lead to many more in the future. Do not punish your puppy for chewing a shoe or soiling the house as, it would make them repeat these habits when you are not around.

Confinement for new puppies works wonders. Use a spacious den or a playroom for confinement so that your pup does not roam around the house unsupervised. When you let your new pup roam around the place, it is easier for him to form difficult to break bad house habits which will only escalate as your pup grows. Reward your puppy extravagantly when he does something right. This helps reinforce good behavior.

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