Your Havanese Breeder

We are dedicated team of Havanese breeders, Charlotte Ventura and Dagmar Hampton, whose main goal is to improve the Havanese breed. We are not a large kennel, but a small, hobby breeder from Fresno, California in the Central Valley.


All our dogs are registered with the AKC and they compete at local and national AKC conformation dog shows. We do this so that we know we are properly breeding to the AKC breed standard. Furthermore, we do extensive pedigree research and all breeding prospects are required to have all applicable health screenings done, before every breeding. We advocate responsible dog ownership by requiring our puppies’ new family to spay or neuter our pups at the appropriate age. You can be sure that we at Los Arriba are dedicated to the heart and soul of the Havanese.

Los Arriba Havanese Champions of 3Our puppies come from health tested adult dogs. They are a good representation of the breed. Simply put,  our puppies are our pride and joy. We will never sacrifice quality over quantity.

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